The roastery

Coffee is a stratified market. On one side, convenience coffee, on the other, specialty coffee. Convenience coffee represents more than 95% of the market. It is the coffee of everyday consumption. It is a product that is poorly traceable, often roasted at high temperature and quickly to correct defects and heterogeneity of the raw material.

Specialty coffee is quite the opposite: traceability is total, the producer and origin are known, as are the varieties and terroir. Our job as specialty coffee roasters is to magnify the product and bring out the aromatic particularities that green coffee has from its origins. Roasting is gentle, at low temperatures and over longer periods so that the multiple reactions that take place during roasting can give their full results. Our roasting profiles are precisely developed and specific to each coffee, it is our signature. We are artisans: we transform a quality raw material into an exceptional final product.

Specialty coffee and the third wave

The quality of specialty coffee is guaranteed by precise specifications, defined by the SCA*, an international association bringing together coffee experts and professionals from around the world engaged in an approach to promote the sector.

All coffees are rated on a scale of 100 at all stages of the supply chain by Q-Graders, coffee specialists who have obtained certification from the SCA. The very rigorous rating criteria range from the visual appearance of the grain to its aromatic properties. Only a coffee that obtains a minimum score of 80/100 can be qualified as “specialty”. As SCA certified roasters we carry this new vision of coffee, focused on quality and the tasting experience. This “third wave”, a move upmarket started at the end of the last century in the United States and then in Great Britain, is still very confidential in France. However, it answers a legitimate question that we all ask ourselves: where does what is in my cup come from?*Specialty Coffee Association

Support and advise

Our conviction is that the promotion of specialty coffee culture cannot be done against the consumer and the coffee lover. It is through our work that we try to make this product known, and through tasting that our customers make the difference. We select our green coffees and develop our roasting profiles with care to obtain balanced and harmonious results, which please everyone. a demanding clientele but attached to the simplicity of a good coffee. Specialty coffee is a passion that we love to share. We advise our customers in store or online on the purchase of their coffee, to choose the product best suited to their taste and their equipment.