• Sage Barista Express™ Impress
  • Sage Barista Express™ Impress

Sage Barista Express™ Impress

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We do not recommend 50 espresso machines, we only recommend one. The Barista Express is the best way to make a perfect espresso without being a professional barista and without spending 3 days adjusting your equipment.

It's expensive, but actually not really. To extract such a concentrated and smooth espresso with geek equipment, you need to spend several thousand euros, between the purchase of a quality grinder and a decent machine.

So no, it's not an automatic machine and that's why it's good:

  • More reliable and less maintenance-intensive: the ground coffee never mixes with the water in the machine, therefore no boiling in the internal mechanics
  • More precise: the integrated grinder is a real conical grinder with 25 settings and allows you to obtain a consistent grind every time
  • More efficient: it releases water at 93°C and 9 bars (not 12 bars or 15 bars, but 9 bars, this is the exact pressure at which an espresso must be extracted)

In short, it is a very good machine to obtain the expected result with our coffees and get a foothold in the world of specialty coffee. Do you want to discuss it? Do not hesitate to contact us.