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Café Femenino


Coffee production in Peru has always involved a central role for women, although economic power has traditionally been held by men.

In 2004, 464 Peruvian coffee producers united to reverse this dynamic and work towards greater autonomy. In collaboration with OPTCO, they created a market for specialty coffee produced exclusively by women, thereby catalyzing social change and the emancipation of disadvantaged women coffee farmers.

The Café Femenino movement now extends to thousands of women farmers in nine countries around the world.

Gentle methods 68%
Espresso 32%
  • Traceability
  • Producer CECANOR
  • Region Lambayeque
  • Species Arabica
  • Varieties Tipica Catimor Bourbon Colombia Villa Sarchi
  • Altitude 1000-2050m
  • Harvest April-September
  • Process Washed
  • SCA Rating.83