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Fazenda Rio Brilhante is located in the state of Minas Gerais, within a micro-region called Pântano. The farm has approximately 1,600 hectares of coffee cultivation. The founder, Inácio Urban, was born in the southernmost state of the country, Rio Grande do Sul. Erika and Fernando Urban, Inácio's children, joined their father in running the farm in 2006. Noé, Inácio's son-in-law, joined the family and the farm.

In 2017, Fazenda Rio Brilhante obtained 2nd place in the Imaflora - Rainforest Alliance regional competition and 3rd place in the Cerrado Mineiro regional competition. In 2020, the farm won first place in the Ethics and Traceability Prize, which is awarded to farms for their commitment and the development of initiatives to support local communities and promote responsible agriculture.

Gentle methods 85%
Espresso 15%
  • Traceability
  • Producer Inácio Urban
  • Region Minas Gerais
  • Species Arabica
  • Varieties Yellow Bourbon Topázio Red Catuai
  • Altitude 1150m
  • Harvest April-September
  • Process Natural
  • SCA rating 83.5